Dot3 Consulting

Specialists in Home Specification

Our aim is specific: making your new home a place you want to live in, with all the individual features that make you feel good.

Our Services

Not sure exactly what you want, but have some great ideas?† Not sure how to express those ideas?†

Our consultants can help to specify the exact workings of your project.

Alternatively, sure of what you want but donít like the pricing?† We have cost-effective alternatives that may surprise you.


Want something a bit different, but not sure how it will integrate into the building and surroundings?† We can help you integrate your ideas and work out specifications, giving you options.

Design Integration

Modern homes have far more services than traditional homes.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), Underfloor Heating (UFH), Category 5 Data cable, multi-room sound systems have added to the usual plumbling, heating and electrics.

We understand the need for these systems and how they can be built into the structure of the building, so that they are seamlessly hidden.

Layout and routing

With any complex project, having a time-line is essential.

 How long will it take to complete?

 When do I need to place orders to be sure itís here on time?

 Where can I store the materials whilst they are being used?

These are all important questions that we can help to answer.

Timeline generation & Logistics